Saturday, August 29, 2009

Simple Luxuries Thrive in Depressed Economy - ie. Chocolate

MSNBC and have identified the truth. People keep eating chocolate during a recession. Even a Great Recession.


Because they can,

because they need to,

because they can afford at least one bite.

Per writer Amy Reinink:

Simple Luxuries Thrive in Depressed Economy

Beer, chocolate and video games. People find comfort on a tight budget with these recession-proof products.


Davidson Chocolateisnt the only chocolate company to enjoy a recent boom in business. Industry giants like Hersheys and Cadburys have also reported increased profits.

Elliott says Davidsons success stems from keeping the focus on quality, and by creating an atmosphere of luxury at an affordable price point.

If people come to really appreciate the quality of your product, they will see paying $1.35 for a truffle as a good value rather than a splurge, she says.

As soon as customers walk into Davidson Chocolate, they are greeted by a staff member--and by the aroma of the on-site chocolate production.

People just stand there and smell for a few minutes, Elliott says.

Then, whether the customer is buying three pounds of chocolate or three pieces, Elliott says owners and staff strive to create the feeling of, Oh, can we wrap your gift, or get you a gift card, or do anything else to make you feel special?

People have to go grocery shopping, Elliott says. They dont have to come into the store. We want them to feel like theyre being treated.

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