Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Inhale Your Chocolate?

Remember when "inhaling your chocolate" just meant you ate it very quickly?

No more. Now there's some smart guys who have figured out how you can literally inhale the product. Is it better that way? No clue.

For a Calorie-Free Chocolate Treat, Just Inhale

Bostonians got their first chance to sample Le Whif late last month at the TEDxBoston conference, when silvery packets containing a single brown inhaler were handed out to the 250 or so attendees. Le Whif inventor David Edwards, a Harvard professor of biomedical engineering, was one of the speakers, as was his former student Tom Hadfield, who made the case that over the course of human history, we've been eating food in smaller and smaller portions (whole dead mastodon -> Whopper Jr.) The next natural step, Hadfield argued, is breathing our food.

Via Boston.com

Here's the video to go with it: