Sunday, August 2, 2009

Pelosi’s Secret Weapon in Health Care Debate: Chocolate

According to the New York Times:

In recent days, Ms. Pelosi and other Democratic leaders have experienced extraordinary tumult as they weathered criticism of the legislation from the fiscally conservative Blue Dog Coalition on the right, and then from more progressive lawmakers who revolted against some of the compromises made to appease the Blue Dogs.

“You’ve had difficult meetings all week,” a reporter said. “Can you tell us about your methods to reach consensus?”

In an unguarded moment, Ms. Pelosi, whose deft political maneuvers catapulted her through the ranks of the House Democratic leadership to make her the first woman speaker in United States history, shared her secret.

“Chocolate,” she said.

And she was only half-kidding. Ms. Pelosi, who represents San Francisco, keeps stashes of Ghirardelli chocolate squares strategically placed throughout her suite of offices in the Capitol.

That's San Francisco style politics ... use gourmet foods to put your foes at ease.

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